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Learnings & Conclusion

This was the first VR project for every member of the team, but nevertheless, every person involved in it was so invested, that it was just fun and inspiring, that not just the process but also the positive outcome was influenced by it.


The concept and prototype received funding approval from the Medien Board Berlin Brandenburg in collaboration with CMF Canada, leading to a co-production with Arcana Studio in Canada and Sinnema in Berlin, culminating in an official launch in January 2024. "The Matriarx" was nominated for the 1E9 conference in Munich in spring 2020, premiered at re:publica, and is part of the Kaleidoscope Community.


I developed the concept for the architecture & assets for an immersive experience. I made a Moodboard, sketches and hand-drawed plans for the 3D artist and Unity developer, as well as a low-fidelity 3D Modell for the main space of the experience.


Immersive technologies can teach empathy very well.

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Target user

Kids and teenagers


"The Matriarx" VR experience immerses users in a patriarchy-free world emphasizing empathy and respect, with the project's current phase focusing on creating a visually and spatially compelling, yet simple and engaging VR environment to support the narrative.



I had to start the ideation of the Environments and Props with the help of inspiration Moodboards. 


I created sketches, 2D and 3D plans of props and environments, ready to deliver for the developer and production team.


The Experience was tested on several people to identify any UX errors.


Environment • Prop concept Designer • 3D artist • I contributed creating the concept and design of the environment and props for the first prototype of the experience 


Julia Bruton, Adam Yassour, Miriam Jacquiot, Nikolai Guyot


Ideation • Concept design • Illustration • 3D Modelling • Cross-functional collaboration • Virtual Reality


Hand sketching • Sketchup, Unity • Oculus Quest

The Matriarx



Exploring parallel universes to open our minds about current social structures

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