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Erika Bosch | Product Design


Contact Me.

I am Erika.

I am a Product Designer with an architecture background. I want to create products that will change human lives for good and help businesses grow.

I have worked for 10+ years as a designer in several companies and studios creating 2D & 3D (Augmented & Virtual Reality) digital and real-life experiences.

Working with Erika is always a joy. She immediately "gets" the problem and always walks the extra mile to make sure we cater the users need in the best way possible. Her versatile background with a mix of architecture, Unity and her great spatial understanding is extremely helpful whether we are working for big brands like Twitter or smaller ones with finicky AR projects.

Timor Kardum. Founder of Magig & Omstudios.

Erika gave us great support during the development phase of our VR project at the time. With her background in architecture, she got used to the medium and its needs in a playful way and was able to make a well-founded contribution. Your strong interest in VR is a basic building block for making visionary progress within this new medium, as much is still in the development stage. As an excellent team player, work is twice as much fun with Erika: professional as well as interpersonal.

Julia Bruton. CEO & Producer at Sinnema.

Erika is an enthusiastic and energetic designer, always filled with lots of energy in her. When it comes to working her creative ideas with UI design skills make her unique. She has also got good project management skills along with UX skills. It was really fun working with an easy-going person like her, and I always recommend her without hesitation.

Rakesh Patil. UX/UI Designer at Zaubar.

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