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Hi!👋, I am Erika Bosch 🌈, Designer & Technologist based in Berlin 🇩🇪, working in digital products 💻, strategy 🎨 and innovation ✨

Since my childhood in Mexico, I found joy in dreaming and creating. From Lego buildings to small cities and drawings, anything I could craft with my hands brought happiness.

My first taste of entrepreneurship came in 1997 when I sold my hand-drawn Dragon Ball artwork to my brother's classmates.

As a teenager, I delved into website creation on Geocities. Before university, I developed a website for my grandfather's business.

Having studied Architecture, pursued a Masters in Interior Architecture, and achieved success in the field until 2019, a sense of emptiness lingered despite my accomplishments.

In 2018, I discovered Digital Product Design, realizing it was my true calling. I swiftly transitioned, engaging in personal projects, a bootcamp, and freelance work. In 2020, I secured a Lead Product Designer role at a Berlin-based startup.

Driven by my background and a profound fascination with emerging technologies, I have honed my expertise in Immersive Technologies. My mission is to assist businesses and individuals by addressing their challenges, fostering positive change, and introducing captivating solutions.



Of Experience in the Design Field. 10 years in Architecture, 5 years in Digital Product and Services.



Designed and delivered



Designed and delivered  Professional Websites for different Clients.



Designed and delivered Immersive Experiences for different clients.



Designed and delivered projects related with architecture and interiors.



I have worked with different clients directly or indirectly while working in companies, or as a freelancer.

Artificial Intelligence
New devices
Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
Gaussian Splatting
3D Design
Business & Startups

There are some few things I am interested in these days

Some Companies & Clients I have worked with

Working with Erika is always a joy. She immediately "gets" the problem and always walks the extra mile to make sure we cater the users need in the best way possible. Her versatile background with a mix of architecture, Unity and her great spatial understanding is extremely helpful whether we are working for big brands like Twitter or smaller ones with finicky AR projects.

Timor Kardum. Founder of Magig & Omstudios.

Erika excelled as our Senior Product Designer. She was able to blend innovation with empathy to craft very adept user-centric experiences. Her keen eye for trends and detail made her designs cutting-edge and intuitive. She fostered collaboration and communication within her team, enhancing project outcomes. While at the same time she is always open to feedback and views every project as a collaborative effort, which fostered a positive and productive working environment. She goes above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of the user experience is considered, resulting in products that are not only beautiful but also highly functional and user-friendly. Any company would be fortunate to have Erika on their team

Alex Kane. CEO at Volta

Erika has worked at Volta while I’ve advised the founders of the company on creative and design.

She has always been an incredibly thoughtful designer to work with. Be it to propose/develop bigger changes to the product in order to better the experience for users or to set up more regular design-driven processes including usability testing and qualitative research to discover more around unknown topics.

Understanding people’s intentions and behaviours in relation to the experience is always at the heart of what she does. . She’s an incredibly skilled and trusted person to call on to do any part of the design process. Any team or company would be lucky to her on board their project.

Matthew Chokshi. Principal Design Director at IKEA and Consultor at Volta

Contact Me.

Since 2018, I've been immersed in the world of Product Design, seamlessly transitioning between full-time roles and freelance engagements. My journey has revolved around collaborating with small to medium-sized startups and agencies, aiding them in conceptualizing and delivering digital products, websites, and memorable user experiences.

My approach to each project is versatile, tailored to its unique demands and objectives. Over time, I've adeptly employed various methodologies such as agile, lean, and user-centric strategies, often crossing functional boundaries to ensure holistic solutions.

A core aspect of my professional ethos is being a rapid learner with a forward-thinking mindset. I am deeply passionate about the transformative power of design, believing it can profoundly enrich people's lives while simultaneously fostering organizational growth through effective management practices.

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