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Learnings & Conclusion

In volunteer projects I would say the management is much trickier than in any company, because of fewer resources (monetary and human) and on aligning with the different set of skills of every person and the understanding of how processes are. Some sort of hierarchy and process needs to be determined in order to succeed.


Developed a prototype in Figma and Sketchup detailing assets, layers, and interactions for developers; however, the project was halted by the organizer due to personal commitments.

See video demonstration


A MR App made for Hololens, in which users can read & listen to the history, as also help rebuild the once lost monuments and sculptures in a multiplayer mode.


Younger generations find it difficult to empathize with historical events that didn't happen in their time. Preserving history and culture through MR will help make them understand better.

Want to work together or just say hi?

Target user

Kids and teenagers


Educate and engage users in a way that is entertaining yet respectful, aiming to raise awareness about the loss of cultural heritage of the ancient city of Palmyra significantly damaged in 2015 by ISIS.



Zaid had the most contact with users, so we got briefed that the App was missing an Onboarding, or some sort of guidance for people that never used the Hololens before.


We created different materials in 2D & 3D to illustrate the User Flow, UI and UX of the Experience in a clear way for the developers to implement for us to test further.


UX/UI Designer • I contributed in producing the design of the onboarding and interaction experience


Zaid Zaim, Lucas Martinic, Pascal Howe, Henil Mistry, Imtissal Hallak, Martin Wettig, Rehaan Mazid, Daniel Porfirio, Microsoft, Redi School


User Flows • Wireframing • Prototyping • Organization • Cross-functional collaboration • Problem solving • Mixed Reality


Figma • Sketchup • AzureDevOps • Hololens

Rebuilding Palmyra


Voluntary work

Bringing back lost treasures of humanity and avoid they being forgotten through an informative and playful experience

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