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Learnings & Conclusion

An understanding of the technological capabilities was key for a most effective design proposal.

Setting also real goals together with the clients and making limitations very clear was important to align on expectations.


Developed concepts, ideas, and mid-fi wireframes demonstrating the app's potential functionality and design, but the project was temporarily paused due to strategic shifts within the museum.


The proposal entails installing interactive stations throughout the museum, each featuring augmented reality content relevant to the exhibition. These stations are designed to captivate and accommodate a wide range of visitors, including tourists, families, and teenagers, offering engaging and succinct content.


Using new and exciting technologies like AR in an engaging way, as a complementary part of the Museum's exhibition, will bring more and more diverse, and more often visitors to it.

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Strategized to maximize resource use by combining external guides with in-app instructions for user assistance.


We identified key target personas for the project—students, teachers, families, and tourists—to ensure alignment with all stakeholders.

National Education Museum AR App


Nexus Studios | Indonesian Museum of Education

Helping bring interest into the education history of Indonesia


The National Education Museum of Indonesia, aiming to broaden its appeal beyond academics and students, engaged Nexus Studios to create an Augmented Reality app that leverages museum topics and assets to enhance visitor engagement and encourage return visits.

Target user

Museum's visitors (wide range of user types)


UX Designer •  I contributed for the ideation, concept and design of the UX for the Mobile App. I worked with a cross-functional team to present our ideas and design to the client together.


Helen Broadbridge, Anrick Bregman, Alex Jenkins, David Crawford, Miguel Sastre


Research • Ideation • Concept design • UI • UX • User Stories • User Flows • Wireframing • Cross-functional collaboration • Problem solving • Augmented Reality


Figma • Google Slides • Miro

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