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Learnings & Conclusion

Although the roadmap of features to implement was clear and set by the client, for every new product it's necessary to test and evaluate results regularly, as none of the team members was experienced with this topic.


I played a key role in the discovery, testing, and design delivery phases alongside a cross-functional team for some features, including Examinations, that aimed at substantially enhancing productivity for doctors.


Medify is a Desktop Web-based App to book & organise medical appointments and process results data for check-ups, vaccines, lab-studies, etc. in an effective way with an intelligent system that reminds and prompts relevant information and suggests actions. All this to help doctors focus give a better service to the patients.


Doctors need a smart digital tool that assists them in order to reduce human error

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We interviewed multiple doctors to gain insights into their workflow and expectations for a new examination feature. They demonstrated their current tools and offered suggestions for improvements.


  • Existing examination software is burdened by information overload and lacks intuitive guidance, resulting in inefficiencies and extensive manual input

  • Doctors and assistants are tasked with navigating patient profiles, conducting multiple examinations across various sessions, managing studies, and maintaining medical records without losing sight of the overall process.


We developed various wireframes and prototypes to test different layouts and flows, based on the user stories identified during our discovery phase. Our goal was to create a seamless journey where doctors and assistants receive guidance throughout examinations and follow-ups, ultimately making medical records more intelligent and ensuring prompt patient assistance.


We conducted multiple rounds of prototype testing with doctors, from which we gained valuable insights into each aspect of the feature and how doctors and assistants operate in practice.

Medify App: Examinations


somethingcreative | ASZ

Assisting doctors and assistants in delivering prompt patient care through efficient examinations


The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the urgent need for digitalization in healthcare, where shortages, staff exhaustion, and patient demands became pressing issues. In this case, we explore ways to enhance the examination process for improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Target user

Doctors and their assistants


Product Designer • I contributed in the research, ideation, design and delivery


Samuel Frey • PM

Monika Rodiqi • PM

Soeren Groebke • PD

Engineering external team


Competitor Analysis • User Research • User stories • User Flows • Wireframing • Prototyping • Design Systems • User Testing • Cross-functional collaboration • Problem solving • Agile • Lean • Sprint


Figma • Notion

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