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Learnings & Conclusion

Personal projects should be fun, but fun means also to create something for positive impact and useful. Having and insider contact and therefore knowledge it seemed logical to ideate on a real problem with a potential real solution. Some Enpal employees were interested on my project but the company was too busy at the moment doing their first version of the App.


I showcased my concept, prototype, and Native App developed in Unity to a group, receiving positive feedback.


Use AR technology to measure and visualize solar panels while having remote assistance to help the customer.


To meet the demand, Technician teams have to be omnipresent, that's impossible without immersive technologies.

Want to work together or just say hi?



I did some ideation work around an App that needed to work with Remote Support, and in this case I thought that Solar Panel Planning was perfect for it.


I created wireframes and a prototype of how the app should look and work, to prepare the assets to develop in the next step.


I developed in Unity a very simple part of the App which was meant to make annotations in AR and deployed it for testing.

Enpal AR


XR Bootcamp

Reducing waiting time and frustration when getting quotations for solar panels


Develop a remote support App with augmented reality technology to help by measuring & planning.

Target user

Solar panel leasing homeowners & planning staff


UX/UI Designer • In this personal project I created the concept, design, and developed a prototype that I deployed into an App


Mentors of XR Bootcamp


Ideation • User Stories • User Flows • UI • UX • Wireframing, Prototyping • C# programming • Augmented Reality


Unity • Blender • Storyboard • Figma • Adobe Aero • Visual Studio

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