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Learnings & Conclusion

This was maybe the most difficult project I've ever done, just because I challenged myself to learn how to develop in just a few months, with a lot of help of course. And even though I am still not expert in developing AR Apps, challenging myself that way helped me understand much better what is doable or necessary in order to produce these kind of projects.


We successfully developed a fully functional AR iPad app, ready for use. However, due to the onset of the first COVID wave, the project was never publicly displayed.


Operating on a tight budget and with limited team resources, I led the design and partially developed in Unity, opting for simplicity by maintaining all interactions through a 2D menu. To add enjoyment, we incorporated 3D animated assets to bring the map to life.


Bringing AR interactions to an important topic could make it engaging for families.

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We created a Moodboard to align on the visual style of the experience.


I created the user flow and wireframes of the experiences to review and deliver for development.


I created a presentation for us to review the whole project with the client.


I developed in Unity together with the Lead Developer the App to make further technical testing and delivery.

Demo Mobil



Enabling the discovery of regional producers through a playful experience


Develop a fun AR App for an Exhibit Mobile Booth to visualize farms and inform users about them. Use the AR as a feature that makes people more interested in exploring and visiting this farms in AR and in real life.

Target user

Eco-friendly consumers looking for organic farms


UX/UI Designer • I contributed in the design and development 


Timor Kardum, Alex Griffiths, Sidney Douw, Hannah Brandt


User Stories • User Flows • Wireframing • Prototyping • 3D Modelling • Programming in C# • Cross-functional collaboration • Augmented Reality


Blender • Unity • Figma • Illustrator • Visual Studio

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