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Learnings & Conclusion

Try to catch up with competition is good, but it is key when doing big changes on a product, to make an intrinsic analysis of the own identity to make those changes aligned with values and your own possibilities. Our work included guidance and talks with the clients to make sure we are doing the right thing and make this big effort future-proof.


We delivered first ideas and concepts for a new branding and a website redesign for the client to review. The project continued after I left the company.


Since the first and main contact of potential employees and clients is the website, this needed a redesign to deliver information and value to users. With the new services and different identity of ASZ, the company also needed a re-branding for the brand to be aligned according to its principles and objectives.


Keeping the balance between a friendly, modern, and professional image will attract new talents and clients alike.

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We did a Workshop with the Stakeholders to explore in words and in pictures what ASZ should be and communicate internally and externally.


To attract young talent, the company's image must exude modernity and friendliness, while also maintaining an air of expertise and professionalism to appeal to both existing and potential customers. Striking a balance between these two aspects is crucial for the company's overall perception.


We began by crafting Moodboards to draw inspiration from both analog and non-analog competitors. Next, we transitioned to sketching various iterations of our ideas directly onto the website's design to provide the client with a more impactful visualization for their review.

ASZ Redesign


somethingcreative | ASZ

A rebranding and redesign to help recruit the best doctors to help in preventive medicine and bring the message about what ASZ does


ASZ, a family-owned business since 1975 providing security and medical services, now led by the next generation, faces challenges in recruiting skilled professionals and outdated service booking processes despite stable performance.

Target user

Talents in the medical field, & Business-owners in need for medical & security services for their employees


Product Designer • I contributed in the ideation, design and client management


Niklas Tomkowitz


Competitor Analysis • Ideation Workshop • Stakeholder Management • Wireframing • Web design • Copywriting


Figma • Notion

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