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Learnings & Conclusion

An understanding of the technological capabilities was key for a most effective design proposal.

Setting also real goals together with the clients and making limitations very clear was important to align on expectations.


Successfully developed a concept, storyboard, and mid-fi wireframes detailing the user journey for the app, facilitating comprehensive client review and feedback.


Our proposed solution involves integrating a creator mode within the existing app, accessible via a special login, allowing users to create and preview their Storytrails seamlessly. Emphasizing the target audience's need for basic content creation skills, we suggested providing tutorials and resource lists to empower creators and reduce dependency on Nexus Studios. Throughout the creation process, users would receive guidance and tips to facilitate their journey.


Anyone could be an AR creator if they get the right guidance for skills and tools.

Want to work together or just say hi?



We created the new creator Persona, which was the reason why Storytrails 2.0 should exist.


We created a new User Flow meant for the Creator Persona, this shouldn't interfere with the existing User Flow, but this should be adding new Features to the existing App.


We created a Storyboard to illustrate not just the User Flow in the App, but as a whole while creating a Storytrail, since there were diffeent actions that had to be considered in our concept for it to work.


We created a group of Wireframes to illustrate how the Features would look and work. These would be used afterwards by the UI Designer to detail further.

Storytrails 2.0


Nexus Studios | UK Government | Unboxed: Creativity in the UK

Enabling the easy creation of AR content to educate, entertain and activate communities in the UK


Storytrails 2.0, building on its predecessor's foundation of exploring UK cities' local history via a mobile app, aims to simplify content creation and empower all users with permissions to generate content, facing the challenge of making an AR content creation tool accessible to those with content creation experience but limited AR knowledge.

Target user

Creators with basic knowledge about content creation


UX Designer • I contributed for the ideation, concept and design of the UX for the Mobile App. I worked with a cross-functional team to present our ideas and design to the client together.


Helen Broadbridge, Alex Jenkins, Vegard Myklebust


Research • Ideation • Concept design • UI • UX • User stories • User flows • Wireframing • Presentation • Cross-functional collaboration • Stakeholder Management • Problem solving • Augmented Reality


Figma • Google Slides • Miro

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